Data-driven tactics in e-commerce

24 bit-size tips about how to earn more with using sales data

Increase customers loyalty

Improve service quality for customers who buy more expensive products
Reveal new products lovers
Find appropriate approach to new clients
Speed up delivery, if it matters to customers
Define and encourage active shoppers to download the app and make their first in-app order
Minimize refunds for the most common reasons

Increase orders value

Stimulate the customers depth of penetration
Customize sales by regions
Teach your customers to always get the best items with the best terms
Offer a small products number increase, which are bought regularly
Offer to increase order items for additional benefit
Sell popular products at cheaper prices

Optimize customers acquisition

Optimize your delivery selection process
Don't reward obviously difficult clients
Encourage those who continuing cooperation with you for a long time
Encourage clients to buy locomotive goods
Launch newsletters and promotions for those, who have not used the product yet
Promote products, that generate repeat purchases

Reduce customers churn

Define a segment of customers, who stop buying too quickly
Capture customers attention at the right time
Remind your customers about next purchase
Propose products, often bought by similar customers
Analyze the complaints impact on retention
Encourage new customers to buy more