E-commerce metrics database

67 items. Based on AARRR methodology

🧲 Acquisition metrics

Total costs of marketing efforts
Total impressions of ads
Cost per 1000 impressions
Ads Click-through rate
Total clicks on ads
Cost per click
Conversion rate from clicks to visits
Website total visits
Total visits from organic search
Share of organic traffic
Cost per Visit
Website Bounce Rate
Total unique visitors
Advertising to sales ratio
New Customers that bought on First Visit
Total new customers in period
New and Repeat Customers Ratio
Return on Ad Spend
Return on Marketing investments
Customer acquisition cost
Traffic Share of Market

⚡️ Activation metrics

Average Pages View
Average Session Lenght
Convertion rate from visit to cart
Total Add-to-Carts
Conversion rate from Add-to-Cart to paid order
Conversion rate from visit to order
Total Paid Orders
Cost per Order
Average duration of landing pages loading, in milliseconds
Cart Abandonment Rate
Product Views per Session

💸 Revenue metrics

Gross Sales
Net Profit
Margin rate
Average Order Value
Average Number of Items
Average Price per Item
Revenue Per Visitor
Orders with Coupons
Refund and return rate

❤️ Retention metrics

Total customers with repeat purchases
Total customers that returning from churn status
Total active clients in period
Customers that give you permission to send newsletters
Total Opt-Ins in period
Subscribers List Growth Rate
Open Rate of e-mail, push and sms campaigns
E-mail, push and sms campaigns Click-through rate
Unsubscribe Rate
Spam Complaint Rate
Average revenue per customer
Orders per customer
Repeat purchase rate
Early repeat rate
Order gap analysis
Customers churn rate
Revenue churn rate
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer average penetration in products
Duration between first and last purchase

📢 Referral metrics

Net promoter score
Total Client Reviews in period
Average Referral Rate
Program Participation Rate
Program Share Rate
Referral Conversion Rate