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482 crucial metrics
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979 tactics
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1045 reasons for metrics fluctuations
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Each metric includes
  • 4 tags (type, units, essence, frequency of checkout)
  • Description
  • Importance
  • Formula
  • Calculation example
  • Affected metrics
  • Affecting metrics
  • Connecting metrics
  • Suggested slices for dashboards
  • Questions to be answered
  • Possible causes of worsening
  • Tactics to improve this metrics
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What our customers say ❤️
  • Daut Sadikoviq
    Zen Marketing Director at Spiru
    This saves me a lot of research and I can determine and set up more targeted KPIs for people, roles or channels. I wouldn't reinvent the wheel and would recommend this to any marketer or manager to get!

  • Mikhail Bogatyrev
    Head of Operations at Treasure Hunter
    Those guys are smart as hell, and what they do is exceptionally impressive and useful tool for a business. If you somehow related to any kind of KPIs in your organisation - it is a 100% you must have a look and will not regret.
  • Wolfram Latschar
    Founder & Managing Partner at Beyond E-Commerce GmbH
    This looks amazing! I'm convinced this will be a great resource for anyone in e-commerce.

  • Neil Pursey
    CEO at Measurebyte
    I can really appreciate this work. Lots of time and focus to build metric flow diagrams! Great to see effort being put into this type of measurement work 👏🏻
  • Ahmed Shaher
    Senior Performance Marketing Specialist at Yalla
    I would like to appreciate your great work really it affects my growth rate everyday

  • Felix Bell
    Growth Manager E-Commerce at Retromotion GmbH
    Looks like the most epic overview, I have ever seen. Extremely helpful to find the right tracking setup
  • Giacomo Galanti
    Digital Analytics Expert
    I recommend it because it can be used for any customer and a true marketer should always have it in front of it, in order to deepen and align business objectives with the events and objectives of the site to be monitored
  • Benedikt Leenders
    AVP Digital Commerce at Allterco Robotics
    Dmitry and the JetMetrics team found a wonderful way of helping brands to fully understand and leverage e-commerce metrics and their relations. If you are keen on stepping up your analytics game, this Map is the way to go.
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One-Stop Access
No need for multiple accounts on various systems
No Installation Required
Use it hassle-free without any installations
Simplified User Experience
Enjoy an intuitive interface
All Metrics and Tactics Together
Find e-commerce metrics and improvement tactics in one place
Complete E-commerce Insight
Understand the entire e-commerce process at a glance
Deep Metric Insights
Explore metric relationships and their impact on revenue
Actionable Business Guidance
Practical advice for real-world application
Clear Guidance
Helpful tips for each element, making your experience straightforward
How to use it
  • 1
    Identify which metrics can impact key performance indicators
  • 2
    Choose and monitor the metrics most relevant to your business
  • 3
    Discover which metrics are responsible for outliers in your data
  • 4
    Investigate unconventional metrics for analysis
  • 5
    Fine-tune company and employee KPIs
  • 6
    Stop tracking metrics that aren't very important
  • 7
    Select the best tactics to enhance your metrics
  • 8
    Monitor how each metric influences your revenue
  • 9
    Use a curated list of questions to reveal less obvious insights from your metrics
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