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Average Abandoned Cart Value (AACV)
from Checkout Process
Metrics type
Units of measure
Less - better
Check frequency
The average monetary value of abandoned carts, providing insights into potential revenue loss from incomplete purchases.
Why it is important
AACV helps estimate the monetary value of lost opportunities due to abandoned carts, guiding strategies to recover revenue.

It highlights the potential impact of improving the checkout process on overall sales performance.
(Sum of values in abandoned carts) / (Number of abandoned carts)
Calculation example
If the total value of products in abandoned carts is $4,000 and there are 80 abandoned carts, AACV = $4,000 / 80 = $50.
Affected metrics
Affecting metrics
Connecting metrics
Average Number of Items in the Abandoned Cart
Average Number of Unique Items in the Abandoned Cart
Average Number of Item Units in the Abandoned Cart

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Suggested slices for dashboards
by User Type Analysis
by Geographic Breakdown
by Customer Loyalty
by Device-Specific AACV
by Product Category
The revenue impact pathway
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Questions to be Answered
1. How does AACV vary based on the type or value of items in abandoned carts, and are there patterns related to high or low-value items?
2. What is the correlation between AACV and the duration users spend viewing abandoned carts, and how can this influence recovery strategies?
3. Are certain product categories significant contributors to AACV, and how can targeted promotions impact revenue recovery efforts?
4. How does AACV fluctuate during promotions or special events, and what insights can be gained for optimizing promotional strategies?
5. Can seasonality or trends in AACV be identified, and how do these align with pricing changes, discounts, or product availability?
6. Is there a relationship between AACV and the number of items or unique products in abandoned carts, guiding recovery prioritization?
7. How does AACV compare across customer segments like first-time shoppers, regular customers, or loyalty program members?
Possible causes of worsening
Tactics to improve this metric
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