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Abandoned Carts
from Checkout Process
Metrics type
Units of measure
Less - better
Check frequency
Number of shopping carts initiated by users that did not result in a completed purchase.
Why it is important
Abandoned carts provide insights into user behavior and potential obstacles in the checkout process. Tracking this metric helps identify areas for improvement and reduces revenue loss by addressing cart abandonment issues.
Count of abandoned carts
Calculation example
If 200 users add items to their cart but only 120 complete the purchase, the number of abandoned carts would be 200 - 120 = 80
Affected metrics
Placed Orders
Affecting metrics
Cart Abandonment Rate
Connecting metrics
CheckoAverage Number of Items in the Abandoned Cart
Average Number of Unique Items in the Abandoned Cart
Average Number of Item Units in the Abandoned Cart uts

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Suggested slices for dashboards
by User Segmentation
by Device Comparison
by Time-Based Analysis
by Product Category
by Geographic Location
The revenue impact pathway
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Questions to be Answered
1. What are the trends and patterns in abandoned cart initiation, and are specific user segments more prone to abandonment?
2. How do abandoned cart rates vary across product categories or checkout steps, and how can the checkout process be optimized?
3. Is there a correlation between abandoned carts and traffic sources, and how can this information guide targeted interventions?
4. Can we identify the impact of promotions or feature changes on abandoned carts, and are there opportunities for recovery strategies?
5. What days or times exhibit higher instances of abandoned carts, and how can timing-based interventions be implemented?
6. How does the frequency of abandoned carts differ between new and returning users, and what tailored approaches can be applied?
7. Are there specific pages in the checkout process where users commonly abandon carts, and how can these pages be optimized for retention?
Possible causes of worsening
Tactics to improve this metric
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