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Active Users
from Activation
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The number of distinct users who visited your website or application. An active user is any user who has an engaged session or when Analytics collects:

the first_visit event or engagement_time_msec parameter from a website
the first_open event or engagement_time_msec parameter from an Android app
the first_open or user_engagement event from an iOS app
Why it is important
By monitoring this metric, businesses can understand user behavior, identify popular features or content, and optimize marketing efforts.

This information aids in decision-making related to user experience enhancements, targeted promotions, and overall strategies to retain and grow the user base.
Number of Active Users
Calculation example
Suppose you want to calculate the Active Users for the month of December for E-commerce Store Z.
Throughout December, the website recorded a total of 50,000 visits.
The mobile app (both Android and iOS) recorded a total of 20,000 engagements, where engagements are defined by events like first_open or user_engagement.

Number of Active Users = Website Active Users + App Active Users
Number of Active Users = 50,000 (Website Visits) + 20,000 (App Engagements)
Number of Active Users = 70,000
Affected metrics
Event Count
Total Users
Affecting metrics
Connecting metrics
User Engagement Rate
Event Count per User
Average Engagement Time per User

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Questions to be Answered
1. How does the number of Active Users correlate with the frequency of product updates or new feature releases?
2. What is the average session duration for Active Users, and are there outliers that indicate particularly engaged users?
3. Can you identify any geographical patterns in the distribution of Active Users?
4. How do different traffic sources contribute to the pool of Active Users, and which sources are most effective?
5. Are there specific times of the day or days of the week when Active Users peak or dip?
6. What is the correlation between user engagement metrics and the overall number of Active Users?
7. How do Active Users relate to conversion rates, and are there opportunities to optimize this relationship?
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