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ACU (Average Concurrent User)
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The mean number of users actively using the app or website simultaneously during a specific time period.
Why it is important
This metric helps businesses make informed decisions about server capacity, infrastructure scalability, and resource allocation to ensure a seamless user experience, especially during high-traffic periods.

Monitoring ACU allows e-commerce platforms to optimize their technology infrastructure to meet user demand and avoid performance issues that could impact customer satisfaction and sales.
Sum of Concurrent Users at each time point / Number of time points
Calculation example
Suppose you want to calculate the ACU for E-commerce Store W on a particular day, and you have data for three different time points:

9:00 AM:
Concurrent Users: 500

12:00 PM:
Concurrent Users: 700

6:00 PM:
Concurrent Users: 600

Sum of Concurrent Users at each time point = 500 + 700 + 600 = 1800

Number of time points = 3

ACU = 1800 / 3

ACU = 600
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Questions to be Answered
1. How does the ACU fluctuate during peak and off-peak hours, and what insights can be gained from these usage patterns?
2. Are there specific features or events that consistently lead to a higher ACU, and how can these be leveraged for growth?
3. Can you identify any correlation between marketing campaigns and spikes in ACU, indicating campaign effectiveness?
4. What is the impact of server performance on the ACU, and how can infrastructure adjustments optimize the user experience?
5. Are there geographical differences in ACU, and how can localization efforts enhance user engagement in specific regions?
6. How does the ACU vary between different device types, and are there opportunities for platform-specific optimizations?
7. What is the relationship between user demographics and the average concurrent usage of the app or website?
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