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App Reviews
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The total number of reviews provided by users on the app.
Why it is important
Tracking "App Reviews" is important for e-commerce stores as it offers direct feedback from users, providing insights into their satisfaction, concerns, and overall app experience.

This metric helps businesses make informed decisions about app improvements, feature enhancements, and customer service adjustments, ultimately contributing to the optimization of user experience and the overall success of the e-commerce app.
Number of App Reviews
Calculation example
Suppose you want to calculate the total number of app reviews for E-commerce App Z.
500 Android users provided reviews.
300 iOS users provided reviews.

Number of App Reviews = 500 (Android) + 300 (iOS)
Number of App Reviews = 800
Affected metrics
Impressions in App Catalog
Affecting metrics
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Questions to be Answered
1. How does the sentiment expressed in App Reviews correlate with changes in app features, updates, or customer support interactions?
2. Are there specific app versions or releases that consistently receive higher or lower numbers of reviews, and what factors contribute to these patterns?
3. Can you identify any correlation between the timing of user surveys or feedback requests and the number of App Reviews received?
4. How do App Reviews differ between users who have recently completed the activation process and those who have been using the app for an extended period?
5. What is the impact of personalized responses to user reviews on the overall number of App Reviews and user satisfaction?
6. How does the number of App Reviews change during limited-time promotions or exclusive offers, and what insights can be gained from these fluctuations?
7. Can you identify any correlation between the number of App Reviews and user engagement metrics, such as session duration and frequency?
Possible causes of worsening
Unresolved Technical Issues
Frequent technical problems in the app may frustrate users, discouraging them from leaving positive reviews.

Lack of Incentives
Users may not be motivated to leave reviews if there are no incentives, such as discounts, rewards, or recognition.

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