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Average App Rating Score
from Activation
Metrics type
Units of measure
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The average score assigned by users in the app store or rating system.
Why it is important
Monitoring the "Average App Rating Score" is crucial for e-commerce stores, providing a direct indicator of user satisfaction.

A higher average score signifies positive user experiences, guiding decisions on prioritizing feature improvements and responding to user feedback for enhanced overall customer satisfaction and app performance.
Sum of all individual ratings / Number of ratings
Calculation example
Suppose the app for E-commerce App W has received individual ratings from users as follows:

User A:
Rated the app 4 stars.

User B:
Rated the app 5 stars.

User C:
Rated the app 3 stars.

User D:
Rated the app 4 stars.

Sum of all individual ratings = 4 (User A) + 5 (User B) + 3 (User C) + 4 (User D) = 16

Number of ratings = 4 (total number of users)

Average App Rating Score = Sum of all individual ratings / Number of ratings

Average App Rating Score = 16 / 4

Average App Rating Score = 4
Affected metrics
Impressions in App Catalog
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Questions to be Answered
1. How does the Average App Rating Score correlate with the frequency of app updates or feature releases, and what factors contribute to changes in the score?
2. Are there specific aspects of the app experience, such as usability or design, that consistently influence the Average App Rating Score?
3. Can you identify any correlation between the Average App Rating Score and user engagement metrics, such as session duration and frequency?
4. How does the Average App Rating Score differ between users who have completed the activation process and those who haven't, and what insights can be derived?
5. What impact does the timing and frequency of requesting app reviews have on the Average App Rating Score, and how can this process be optimized?
6. How does the Average App Rating Score vary across different app versions, and what improvements can be made based on version-specific feedback?
7. Are there specific user demographics or segments that consistently assign higher or lower Average App Rating Scores, and how can these insights inform marketing efforts?
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