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Daily spending limit
from Google Ads
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The maximum amount you can be billed for a campaign on a given day.

For most campaigns, the daily spending limit is your average daily budget multiplied by 2. On a given day, your campaign might spend up to twice your average daily budget to take advantage of fluctuations of traffic. At the end of month, the amount you will have spent on average every day will match your average daily budget.
Why it is important
Tracking the Daily Spending Limit metric is important as it helps advertisers control and manage their daily campaign expenses effectively.

This metric provides information on the maximum amount that can be billed for a campaign in a given day, allowing advertisers to stay within budget constraints and make informed decisions about adjusting daily spending limits to align with their overall financial goals.
Average daily budget * 2
Calculation example
For instance, if your average daily budget is set to $10 USD, your daily spending limit is going to be $10 USD * 2 = $20 USD.
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Questions to be Answered
1. How often does the actual spending reach or come close to the Daily Spending Limit, and are there certain days or times when the campaign usually gets close to the limit?
2. Can the relationship between the Daily Spending Limit and the overall campaign performance, such as clicks, conversions, or return on ad spend (ROAS), be studied to understand the effect of spending limits on campaign results?
3. Are there recognizable patterns in campaign spending relative to the Daily Spending Limit based on factors like day of the week or special promotions, providing insights into ideal budget adjustments for different situations?
4. How does changing the Daily Spending Limit affect the distribution of impressions throughout the day, and are there optimal settings to maximize exposure during peak times without going over budget?
5. Can the ratio between the Daily Spending Limit and the Average Daily Budget help identify campaigns that usually operate close to the limit, indicating potential opportunities for improving budget allocation strategies?
6. What is the correlation between the Daily Spending Limit and the competitiveness of the advertising landscape, and how does this relationship affect the campaign's ability to maintain a consistent daily spend?
7. How do changes in the Daily Spending Limit affect the ad delivery rate, and are there adjustments that can be made to ensure a more even distribution of spend throughout the month while avoiding budget constraints?
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