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Do-follow Backlinks
from SEO
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Units of measure
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The number of external backlinks pointing to a website that pass authority and influence search engine rankings. Do-follow links are endorsements from other sites.
Why it is important
Tracking this metric provides insights into a website's credibility and influence in search engine rankings. A higher number of quality Do-follow Backlinks suggests a strong online presence and contributes to improved organic visibility.

This information guides link-building strategies and helps in optimizing the website's authority for sustained SEO success.
Number of Do-follow Backlinks
Calculation example
Consider a website that sells exclusive bags, which has received endorsements in the form of external links:
- Fashion articles A: 15 do-follow backlinks
- Fashion Magazine B: 10 do-follow backlinks
- Fashion Influencer 's articles C: 8 do-follow backlinks

Do-follow Backlinks=15+10+8=33
Affected metrics
Average Position
Affecting metrics
Connecting metrics
Share of Do-follow Backlinks

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Questions to be Answered
1. What is the current ratio of do-follow backlinks to the total number of backlinks, and how does this ratio contribute to the website's authority?
2. Are there specific domains or industries that predominantly provide do-follow backlinks, and how can targeted outreach efforts be focused on these sources?
3. How does the number of do-follow backlinks correlate with improvements in search engine rankings and organic traffic?
4. What is the historical trend of do-follow backlinks, and are there specific periods or campaigns associated with notable increases or decreases?
5. Can the analysis of do-follow backlinks identify potential link-building opportunities in emerging niches or with influential industry players?
Possible causes of worsening
Low-Quality Backlinks
Poor-quality backlinks can harm the website's authority and rankings. Regular monitoring and disavowal of low-quality links are essential.

Natural Backlink Decay
Over time, backlinks may naturally decay due to changes on linking sites. A proactive approach to building new, high-quality backlinks is necessary.

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