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Email Bounce Rate
from Email Marketing
Metrics type
Units of measure
Percent / Ratio
Less - better
Check frequency
The percentage of emails that weren't successfully delivered to your recipients’ inboxes. We calculate this number by taking the number of hard and soft bounces divided by the total number of emails sent.
Why it is important
Monitoring Email Bounce rate is essential for maintaining a clean email list and preserving sender reputation. A high bounce rate may lead to deliverability issues, making this metric crucial for identifying and resolving potential problems.

It guides decisions on list management and content optimization to enhance overall email campaign success.
(Bounces / Emails sent) * 100
Calculation example
If you sent 1,000 emails and had 50 bounces (combination of hard and soft bounces), the Email Bounce Rate would be (50 / 1,000) * 100 = 5%
Affected metrics
Delivery Rate
Affecting metrics
Delivery Rate
Connecting metrics
Successful Deliveries

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Suggested slices for dashboards
by Bounce Type
by Email Content Category
by Sender Reputation
by Geographical Location
by Device or Email Client
The revenue impact pathway
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Questions to be Answered
1. How does the email bounce rate influence the overall effectiveness of an email campaign?
2. What is the distinction between hard and soft bounces, and how does each affect the bounce rate differently?
3. How can the bounce rate be used to identify and rectify issues with the email subscriber list?
4. Are there industry benchmarks for acceptable bounce rates, and how does the organization compare?
5. How do bounce rates correlate with the frequency of email communications and the type of content shared?
6. Can the bounce rate be used as an early indicator of potential deliverability issues in future campaigns?
7. What measures can be taken to reduce both hard and soft bounces and improve the overall bounce rate?
Possible causes of worsening
Outdated Email Lists
Sending emails to outdated or invalid email addresses leads to a higher bounce rate as they no longer exist or are inactive.

Technical Server Issues
Server problems, such as misconfigurations or insufficient resources, can result in bounced emails, impacting the bounce rate.

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Tactics to improve this metric
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