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Emails Sent
from Email Marketing
Metrics type
Units of measure
More - better
Check frequency
The number of emails that were sent.
Why it is important
Monitoring "Emails Sent" metric is fundamental for assessing the scale of outreach. It guides decisions on resource allocation, campaign strategy, and audience segmentation.

Tracking the number of emails sent provides insights into campaign scope, facilitating efficient planning and execution of email marketing initiatives.
Number of Emails Sent
Calculation example
If you sent out a newsletter to 2,000 subscribers, the Emails Sent would be 2,000
Affected metrics
Successful Deliveries
Affecting metrics
Total Subscribers
Email Marketing Costs
Emails per Subscriber
Connecting metrics
Cost per Email Sent
Email Ignore Rate

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Suggested slices for dashboards
by Time of Day
by Day of the Week
by Target Audience
by Email Content Type
by Email List Health Score
The revenue impact pathway
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Questions to be Answered
1. How do fluctuations in the number of emails sent impact the overall success of an email marketing campaign?
2. What factors contribute to variations in the number of emails sent across different campaigns or time periods?
3. How can the analysis of emails sent inform decisions about budget allocation and resource planning for future campaigns?
4. What role does email list segmentation play in determining the appropriate number of emails to be sent?
5. How can historical data on emails sent be used to predict future campaign volumes and optimize marketing strategies?
6. How does the size of the email subscriber list impact the scalability of email campaigns and associated costs?
7. Can the number of emails sent be used as a key performance indicator (KPI) for the efficiency of email marketing processes?
Possible causes of worsening
Tactics to improve this metric
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