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Inactive Subscribers
from Email Marketing
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Inactive subscribers are people on your email list who aren't engaging with your emails anymore. They're not opening, clicking, or taking any other actions.

These “sleepy” subscribers can hurt your email performance metrics and even affect deliverability if you're not careful. Many marketers try re-engagement campaigns to wake them up and get them interested again.
Why it is important
Inactive Subscribers signify disengagement and potential deliverability challenges. This metric's importance lies in identifying and reactivating dormant subscribers to improve overall email performance.

Implementing re-engagement campaigns based on this metric can awaken inactive subscribers, enhancing engagement, and mitigating the negative impact of dormant contacts on deliverability and sender reputation.
Number of Inactive Subscribers
Calculation example
If you have 1,000 subscribers, and 200 of them haven't engaged with your emails for the past six months, the Inactive Subscribers would be 200
Affected metrics
Total Subscribers
Affecting metrics
Subscriber Feedback Score
Connecting metrics
Email Ignore Rate

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Questions to be Answered
1. How do inactive subscribers impact the overall performance and effectiveness of email campaigns?
2. What strategies can be employed to re-engage inactive subscribers and improve their participation?
3. Are there specific triggers or indicators that signal subscriber inactivity, and how can they be monitored effectively?
4. How does the presence of inactive subscribers affect email deliverability and sender reputation over time?
5. Can the analysis of inactive subscribers inform decisions about email content, frequency, or targeting?
6. What role do re-engagement campaigns play in mitigating the impact of inactive subscribers on email metrics?
7. How can the identification of inactive subscribers contribute to a more streamlined and efficient email marketing strategy?
Possible causes of worsening
Tactics to improve this metric
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