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On-target percentage reach
from Google Ads
Metrics type
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Percent / Ratio
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The number of people within your campaign's defined target audience that you’re expected to reach. On-target reach is based on age, gender, and geographic location of your target audience. On-target percentage reach is the percentage of a census-based demographic audience that is being reached by your campaign.
Why it is important
Tracking the 'On-target percentage reach' metric in a Google ad account is crucial as it provides insights into how effectively your campaign is reaching the intended audience based on demographic criteria such as age, gender, and location.

This information helps advertisers assess the relevance and impact of their ad targeting strategies, allowing for informed decisions on campaign optimization to enhance reach and engagement within the specified target audience.
The on-target reach / The on-target demographic population
Calculation example
Let’s say your ad reached a total of 5 million people in Texas out of an estimated 30 million people who live in Texas. Your on-target percentage reach would be 16.7%.
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On-target reach

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Questions to be Answered
1. How do on-target percentage reach levels differ among different demographic groups (age, gender, and location), and are there any groups that have higher or lower reach percentages?
2. Can examining on-target percentage reach give us insights into the success of ad targeting strategies, and are there ways to refine targeting parameters to increase audience engagement?
3. How does on-target percentage reach relate to the e-commerce company's overall marketing goals, and what connections exist between reach and other key performance indicators such as conversion rates and click-through rates?
4. Are there seasonal or regional variations in on-target percentage reach, and how can this data be used to create targeted advertising campaigns for specific audiences or locations?
5. Can a review of past on-target percentage reach data reveal trends or patterns that can help determine the best times and frequencies for ad campaigns to maximize reach?
6. How does on-target percentage reach compare to industry standards, and are there ways to improve competitive positioning by optimizing reach within the target audience?
7. What strategies can be used to increase on-target percentage reach without sacrificing ad relevance or engagement, and how can creative elements be adjusted to better connect with the target demographic?
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