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Orders per Customer
from CRM
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The average number of orders placed by individual customers, providing insights into customer purchasing frequency.
Why it is important
The average number of orders per customer provides valuable insights into customer purchasing frequency.

Businesses can use this metric to tailor marketing strategies, optimize inventory management, and enhance customer loyalty programs to increase customer engagement and repeat purchases, ultimately impacting revenue through increased transaction frequency.
Total Number of Orders / Number of Unique Customers
Calculation example
If there are 1200 orders in total and 300 unique customers:

Orders per Customer = 1200/300 = 4
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by Time Frame for Order Frequency
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by Loyalty Level
The revenue impact pathway
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Questions to be Answered
1. How does the average number of orders per customer vary across different customer segments, and are there specific segments that exhibit higher or lower purchasing frequency?
2. What impact do changes in pricing, discounts, or product availability have on the average orders per customer, and how can the platform adjust its strategies to maximize order frequency without compromising profitability?
3. Are there correlations between the frequency of communication (e.g., email campaigns, promotions) and changes in the average orders per customer, and how can communication strategies be optimized for desired outcomes?
4. How does the average orders per customer differ based on the customer's journey (e.g., new customer vs. repeat customer), and what strategies can be implemented to encourage higher orders from different customer segments?
5. Can customer feedback or surveys provide insights into the factors influencing the decision to place multiple orders, and how can these insights guide improvements in product offerings or customer service?
6. What role does the ease of the checkout process play in determining the average orders per customer, and how can the platform streamline the checkout experience to encourage repeat purchases?
7. How does the average orders per customer change during peak shopping seasons, and what strategies can be employed to capitalize on increased purchasing frequency during these periods?
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