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Outbound Clicks
from Facebook
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The metric counts clicks that lead to other destinations outside Meta technologies. The metric includes clicks on links that appear in the displayed ad, as well as links in extended experiences such as Instant Experience, collections or Facebook forms. It includes clicks to:
Why it is important
Outbound clicks provide a measure of the amount of traffic your ads help send to your website or app. They are different than link clicks, which specifically count clicks on links in the displayed ad that include both external destinations and certain Meta experiences.

While some traffic might drop off between an outbound click and a webpage view, outbound clicks give you a closer approximation of the traffic intended for your website or app.
The number of clicks on links that lead to destinations outside Meta technologies
Calculation example
Suppose you're running a Facebook ad campaign for your online clothing store, and your ad includes various links to destinations outside Meta technologies. These links are present both in the main ad and in the Instant Experience associated with the ad. During the campaign, users interacted with your ad and clicked on these outbound links.

Here's the breakdown of the outbound clicks:

150 users clicked on a link to visit your e-commerce website.
30 users clicked on a link to view a specific product page.
20 users clicked on a link to visit your external blog.
40 users clicked on a link to download your mobile app.

Outbound Clicks = The number of clicks on links that lead to destinations outside Meta technologies.

Outbound Clicks = 150 (website link clicks) + 30 (product page link clicks) + 20 (blog link clicks) + 40 (app download link clicks)

Outbound Clicks = 240
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Questions to be Answered
1. Are there any trends in the 'Outbound Clicks' metric that can be observed over time, and how can you use this information to adjust your ad strategy?
2. Can you segment and analyze the data to determine which links or ad experiences are most successful in driving 'Outbound Clicks'?
3. What are the common characteristics of the audience segments that generate the most 'Outbound Clicks'?
4. How can the 'Outbound Clicks' metric be used to measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns in sending traffic to your e-commerce website or app?
5. Can you identify the sources of external destinations where outbound clicks lead?
6. How can the 'Outbound Clicks' metric help you track the volume of traffic intended for your e-commerce website or app more accurately?
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