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Page Engagement
from Facebook
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This metric counts interactions with your Facebook Page, Instagram profile or your content and its posts, attributed to your ads. Engagement from ads can include actions such as liking your Instagram Page, following your Instagram profile, loving a post, replying to a story, checking in to your location, clicking a link and more.
Why it is important
This metric allows you to see how people interacted with your Facebook Page, Instagram profile or any of your content because of your ads, which can indicate how relevant your ads were to your audience.
The number of actions taken on your Facebook Page, Instagram profile or any of your content, attributed to your ads
Calculation example
Suppose you're running a Facebook ad campaign to promote your fashion brand, and you want to measure the engagement with your profile. During the campaign, users interacted with your ad, and their engagement with your Instagram profile is attributed to your ads.

Here's the breakdown of the engagement actions attributed to your ads:

200 users liked your Page.
50 users followed your Page.
30 users loved one of your posts.
10 users replied to a story you shared.
15 users checked in to your physical store location after clicking on your ad.
25 users clicked on a link in one of your ad's captions.

Page Engagement = The number of actions taken on your Instagram profile or content, attributed to your ads.

Page Engagement = 200 (Page likes) + 50 (Followers) + 30 (Post likes) + 10 (Story replies) + 15 (Check-ins) + 25 (Link clicks)

Page Engagement = 330
Affected metrics
CTR (All)
CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions)
Affecting metrics
Photo Views
Post Engagements
Connecting metrics
Cost per Page Engagement

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Questions to be Answered
1. To what extent does 'Page Engagement' differ between different ad campaigns, ad sets, or individual ads, and can you spot campaigns or ads that usually generate higher engagement with your Facebook Page and Instagram profile? What tactics are behind their success?
2. Are there any particular engagement activities (e.g., liking, following, loving posts, checking in, clicking links) that are more frequent in 'Page Engagement'? Can you analyze the variations in the engagement activities associated with your ads?
3. Can you divide and analyze the data to understand the demographics, interests, or locations of the audience segments that contribute the most to 'Page Engagement'? How can this data inform your targeting strategies to engage the most pertinent audience?
4. What are the shared characteristics of ads or ad creative elements that lead to higher 'Page Engagement'? Are there certain ad components that regularly motivate users to engage with your Facebook Page and Instagram profile?
5. How can the 'Page Engagement' metric help you assess the relevance of your ads to your target audience? What knowledge can you gain about the efficiency of your ad campaigns in fostering interactions with your brand's content?
6. Can you detect any time-specific or seasonal trends in the 'Page Engagement' metric? Are there certain days or periods when engagement with your Facebook Page and Instagram profile is notably higher, and how can you adjust your ad strategy accordingly?
7. How can you use the 'Page Engagement' metric to measure the overall brand awareness and affinity generated by your ad campaigns? Are there approaches you can implement to encourage even higher engagement and build a stronger connection with your audience?
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