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Spam Score
from Email Marketing
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Spam score is a rating that predicts the likelihood of an email being marked as spam by email providers. It's based on various factors like email content, sender reputation, and compliance with email best practices.

A lower score means your email is less likely to end up in the spam folder, while a higher score increases that risk. Email marketers use this score to tweak their campaigns and improve deliverability.
Why it is important
Though lacking a specific formula, it influences email placement and sender reputation. Monitoring this score guides marketers in adjusting campaigns based on content, sender reputation, and compliance.

A lower score enhances deliverability, while a higher score may trigger spam filters. This metric contributes to improved campaign effectiveness and inbox placement.
No specific formula (Rating based on factors like email content, sender reputation, and compliance)
Calculation example
A higher score indicates a higher likelihood of an email being marked as spam (no specific formula)
Affected metrics
Delivery Rate
Soft Bounces
Affecting metrics
Spam Complaint Rate
Connecting metrics

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Suggested slices for dashboards
by Email Content Type
by Sender Reputation
by Email Authentication
by Target Audience
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Questions to be Answered
1. How does the spam score contribute to the overall success and deliverability of an email marketing campaign?
2. What specific factors influence the spam score, and how can marketers address these factors to improve their score?
3. How does the spam score correlate with the content, design, and formatting of email campaigns?
4. Are there industry benchmarks for acceptable spam scores, and how does the organization compare to these benchmarks?
5. Can the analysis of spam scores help identify areas for improvement in email content, sender reputation, or compliance?
6. How frequently should marketers monitor and reassess their spam scores to ensure ongoing deliverability success?
7. What role does the transparency of email practices and adherence to best practices play in maintaining a low spam score?
Possible causes of worsening
Frequent Changes in Content
Rapid or frequent changes in email content may trigger spam filters, increasing the spam score and the risk of emails being marked as spam.

Negative Sender Reputation
A poor sender reputation, characterized by a history of spam complaints or low engagement, can significantly contribute to a higher spam score.

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