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This metric is calculated as the sum of available interactions including impressions, clicks and visits that happened before a conversion based on data received from your tracking connections, pixel, app or offline event set.

Impressions and clicks are reported for ad platforms that you've set up tracking connections for, and are automatically reported for Facebook and Facebook-owned platforms.
Why it is important
Touchpoints give you a measure of how many times people interacted with your ads in any way. If your goal is to generate traffic, consider clicks or visits. If your goal is reach, consider impressions.
The total number of impressions, clicks and visits that happened before a conversion
Calculation example
Suppose a person named Sarah is exposed to your Facebook ad campaign for a new product. Here's how Sarah's interaction with the ad and eventual conversion plays out:

Sarah sees the ad (1 impression).
Intrigued by the ad, she clicks on it (1 click).
She lands on your website, explores the product, but doesn't make a purchase (1 visit).
A few days later, Sarah sees the ad again (1 more impression).
This time, she clicks on the ad and makes a purchase on your website (1 conversion).

Touchpoints = The total number of impressions, clicks, and visits that happened before a conversion.

Touchpoints = 2 (impressions) + 2 (clicks) + 1 (visit)

Touchpoints = 5
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Questions to be Answered
1. Can you determine the most frequent sequences of touchpoints that result in conversions? Are there any particular ad platforms, ad types, or user interactions that are regularly seen in these sequences?
2. How does the attribution window for touchpoints (e.g., how many days prior to conversion are taken into account) affect the distribution of touchpoints? What can you learn from this about the ideal attribution setting for your campaigns?
3. Are there certain combinations of touchpoints that are more likely to lead to higher-value conversions or longer-term customer value? How can you modify your campaigns to generate more of these touchpoint sequences?
4. How does the cost of acquiring each touchpoint (e.g., cost per click, cost per impression) differ for different types of conversions and campaign objectives? Are there areas where you can reduce costs while still preserving touchpoint effectiveness?
5. Can you evaluate how the number of touchpoints needed for a conversion varies across different segments of your audience, such as new visitors versus returning customers? What strategies can you put in place to shorten the conversion journey for certain segments?
6. What are the temporal patterns of touchpoints? Are there certain days of the week or times of the day when touchpoints are more likely to occur? How can this information be used to optimize your ad delivery schedule and timing?
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