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Video Plays
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This metric counts when a video starts to play after an impression for the video is counted. Video plays can occur either when a video starts to play automatically or because someone clicked to play the video. Replays of a video, such as when someone pauses a video and starts playing it again, are not counted.

In the case of an ad format with multiple videos, such as a carousel ad, video plays will be counted separately for each video shown.
Why it is important
It helps advertisers understand the level of interest and engagement their video ads are generating. By monitoring this metric, advertisers can make informed decisions about the effectiveness of their video content, ad format, and audience targeting to optimize their campaigns for better video engagement and overall ad performance.
The number of times your video starts to play
Calculation example
Your video ad received 10,000 impressions, meaning it was displayed 10,000 times.
Out of those 10,000 impressions, the video started playing 2,000 times.

Video Plays = The number of times your video starts to play.

Video Plays = 2,000 video plays
Affected metrics
Clicks (All)
Affecting metrics
Connecting metrics
Cost per Video Plays
Video plays at 100%
Video Plays at 95%
Video Plays at 75%
Video Plays at 50%
Video Plays at 25%
2-Second Continuous Video Plays
3-Second Video Plays

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The revenue impact pathway
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Questions to be Answered
1. What differences exist in video plays between single videos, carousel ads, and stories? Are there certain formats that tend to generate more video plays, and how can you use this information to optimize your ad format choices?
2. Does the audience segment have an effect on video plays? Are certain demographics or interests more likely to engage with video content, and how can you adjust your targeting to reach these users effectively?
3. Are there any patterns in video plays based on the time of day or day of the week? Does the timing of ad delivery influence video plays, and how can you time your ads for maximum engagement?
4. Does the length of the video affect the number of video plays? Are shorter videos more likely to be played in their entirety, or do longer videos tend to generate more plays?
5. Can you recognize trends in video plays over time? Do certain types of video content, seasonal events, or promotions lead to increased video plays, and how can you use this data to plan future campaigns?
6. How does the placement of your video ads (e.g., Facebook feed, Instagram stories, or audience network) affect video plays? Are there particular placements that drive higher engagement?
7. Are there any correlations between video plays and other performance metrics like click-through rates (CTR) or conversions? Does a higher number of video plays result in better overall campaign results and return on investment (ROI)?
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