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View-through conversion window
from Google Ads
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The period of time after an impression during which a view-through conversion will be recorded. View-through conversions occur after an ad impression, if the user doesn’t interact with the ad, then later converts.

You can set your view-through conversion window when you create or edit conversion actions.
Why it is important
The View-through Conversion Window metric allows advertisers to assess the impact of ad impressions on user behavior and conversions, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of display campaigns.

By adjusting the view-through conversion window, advertisers can make informed decisions on the attribution model that aligns with their campaign goals and user interaction patterns.
Time period between impression and conversion
Calculation example
For example, if you pick 30 days for a conversion action, then view-through conversions that happen within 30 days after an impression are tracked.

A longer view-through conversion window will usually increase the number of view-through conversions Google Ads records.
Affected metrics
View-Through Conversions (VTC)
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Questions to be Answered
1. What is the most effective length of time for view-through conversions in e-commerce campaigns?
2. How does the view-through conversion window vary for different types of e-commerce campaigns (e.g., product launches, promotions, seasonal campaigns)?
3. Are there any industry-specific trends that affect the view-through conversion window?
4. Is there a difference in the view-through conversion window across different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)?
5. How does the type of ad content affect the view-through conversion window?
6. Are there any regional variations in the view-through conversion window?
7. How does the view-through conversion window vary depending on where the ads are placed (e.g., Display Network, YouTube)?
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