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View-Through Conversions (VTC)
from Google Ads
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“View-through conversions” tells you when customers see, but don’t interact with your ad, and then later complete a conversion on your site. View-through conversions are a helpful way to track the value of your display or video ad campaigns.

For display campaigns, for example, they measure the conversions where a customer saw—but didn't click—an ad before completing a conversion.
Why it is important
VTC helps you understand the ad's influence on conversions even if there was no direct interaction. Tracking VTC is essential for fine-tuning your ad strategy to maximize its impact on customer behavior and drive more conversions.
The number of view-through conversions
Calculation example
Let's use specific numbers for illustration:

Number of ad impressions: 10,000
Number of users who saw the ad but didn't click: 10,000 - 500 (clicked) = 9,500
Number of users who later completed a conversion: 100

In this example:
View-Through Conversions (VTC)=100
Affected metrics
Affecting metrics
View-through conversion window
Connecting metrics

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by Seasonal or Event-Based
by Custom Conversion Windows
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The revenue impact pathway
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Questions to be Answered
1. How does the inclusion of view-through conversions affect the attribution of conversions to different touchpoints?
2. What is the average time between an ad view and a conversion?
3. What ad creatives tend to generate the most view-through conversions?
4. How does the purpose of a campaign (e.g., awareness, promotion) influence view-through conversions?
5. What is the view-through conversion rate compared to click-through conversion rates?
6. How often do users switch devices between viewing an ad and completing a view-through conversion?
7. Does increasing ad frequency eventually lead to fewer view-through conversions?
Possible causes of worsening
Tactics to improve this metric
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