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Website Health Score
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Ahrefs' Health Score is a metric reflecting the proportion of internal URLs on a website that are free from technical SEO errors, offering a reliable proxy for the overall state of technical SEO.
Why it is important
The "Website Health Score" metric serves as a reliable proxy for overall technical SEO health. Decision-making involves addressing technical issues, optimizing website structure, and guiding strategies to maintain a high health score, ultimately contributing to improved search engine visibility and user experience.
(Number of Internal URLs without Technical SEO Errors / Total Number of Internal URLs) * 100
Calculation example
If a website has 800 internal URLs without technical SEO errors out of a total of 1000 internal URLs, the health score would be: (800 / 1000) * 100 = 80%.
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Affecting metrics
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Questions to be Answered
1. What is the current Health Score, and how does it reflect the overall state of technical SEO on the website?
2. Are there specific types of technical SEO errors contributing to a lower Health Score, and what corrective actions can be taken to improve overall website health?
3. How does the Health Score correlate with search engine rankings and user engagement metrics?
4. What is the historical trend of the Health Score, and are there specific technical SEO initiatives associated with notable improvements or deteriorations?
5. Can insights from the Health Score guide ongoing technical SEO strategies to maintain or enhance the overall health of the website?
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